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Edustation's blog > Weird Plurals

Weird Plurals

Added by Tomasz H. 21 July 2014 in category: English, Grammar, Learning tips

English grammar generally pluralizes words by tacking -s or -es. But there are many words where you can't use this rule. Let's check weird plurals in English language.


When words end with a consonant and -y (e.g. city, cherry), plurals remove the -y and add -ies.

copy -> copies

lady -> ladies

pony -> ponies

canary -> canaries


When words end in -f and -fe (with a silent 'e'), plurals remove -fe (-fe) and gain -ves.

leaf -> leaves

loaf -> loaves

half -> halves

knife -> knives


Nouns that end with -ese do not generally change.



-EN & vowel swaps

Some plurals add -en to the end and some change the vowels in the center (many variations).

tooth -> teeth

child -> children

Latin & Greek Origins

bacterium -> bacteria

fungus -> fungi

cactus -> cacti

larva -> larvae

Identical plurals

Some words are identical in singular and plural forms.





Plural in their singular



New word

Sometimes the noun changes onto new word.

person -> people

mouse -> mice

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