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Edustation's blog > Well vs Good

Well vs Good

Added by Tomasz H. 14 July 2014 in category: English, Learning tips

The English words well and good are often confused by English learners.


as an adverb when something is done to a good standard or in a good way:

He drives very well.

You speak English well

is a discourse marker, adverb or adjective:

A: Did you like that book?

B: Well, it was interesting, but fantasy stories are not really my favourite.



an adjective, which means that it modifies nouns:

This is a good movie

He is a very good footballer.


Well and good have a similar meaning, but remember:

He sings very well.

- well used as an adverb modifying sings

He is a very good singer.

- good used as an adjective modifying singer

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