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Edustation's blog > Stationary vs Stationery

Stationary vs Stationery

Added by Tomasz H. 16 June 2014 in category: English, General tips, Lexicon

Stationary vs Stationery

Stationary and stationery are often confused by English speakers. This is because their pronunciation and spelling is similiar. Let's see what they mean.


It means not moving, or not changing

Prices have been stationary since last year.

The rate of inflation has been stationary for several months.

The traffic got slower and slower until it was stationary.

Do you see that stationary car over there?


the things needed for writing, such as paper, pens, pencils, and envelopes

This is a good stationery store.

Can I borrow some stationery?


How to remember the words and the difference. I have some nice tip! StationEry has an "e" in it, as does 'pEn', 'writE', 'papEr', 'pEncil', 'Envelope'.

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