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Edustation's blog > English Idioms about Time

English Idioms about Time

Added by Tomasz H. 27 March 2014 in category: English, Lexicon

This weekend clocks are adjusted forward. Summer time is the practice of advancing clocks, so that evenings have more daylight and mornings have less.

It's a good time to talk about English idioms about time. Here are some expressions using 'time' including a definition.

Check them out, there's no time to lose;)

Wasting time

doing something with no purpose

Time flies

when time passes quickly

Behind the times

being old-fashioned

The big time

the top level of the profession

Kill time

to have nothing to do for a particular period

Lose track of time

forget about the time

Run out of time

not have any time left

Work against the clock

work hard knowing you have a deadline

Beat the clock

succeed is something before time is up

Turn back the hands of time

to go back to the past

Once in a blue moon

something that happens very rarely

Time is money

your time is a valuable commodity

Time warp

stuck in a past time

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